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Articles & Research

Jan. 2024

Patricia Peprah

Gender Difference on Internal Equity: Evidence From the Hospitality Industry in Ghana

It is a hypothetical position that employees in the hospitality industry in Ghana
experience salary disparities based on the gender of the employee. Pay disparities
exist because of unconscious biases in areas such as hiring, promotions,
performance reviews, and salary decisions. In ensuring equal pay for equal work to
fulfill the International Labor Organization (ILO) convention, this study
investigated the internal equity pay of the employees in Ghana's hospitality industry based on equal work.

Jan. 2023

Patricia Peprah

Leadership and Its Impact on Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has a high human capital requirement that depends on leadership to provide supervision for the utmost customer satisfaction. Based on this, this research looks at the impact of leadership on supervision among hotels in Ghana. This research was a causal research design. It investigated the correlational effect of leadership on supervision in the hospitality industry in Ghana.

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