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Women's Meeting- Presentation

16 July 2023

Women's Meeting- Presentation

Michiana, USA

The core belief, particularly among Christians, is that we have a unique purpose for which God created us. This faith guides that purpose and drives our desire to make a difference. Regrettably, the endless distractions and demands on our time and attention have made it challenging to discern our true calling and live in harmony with God's plan.
That's why I was excited to have the opportunity to share insights and guidance on personal development with a group of women in Michiana. I discussed the topic "Purposeful Living: Positioning for impact and personal growth", offering practical techniques to integrate purposeful living principles into everyday life.
To live a purposeful life, we must prioritize our time and resources on what truly matters. The key to identifying opportunities to use our gifts, talents, and passion for the benefit of others and society lies in how we position ourselves – specifically, how we present ourselves, convey our message, and align our actions to create a desired perception and impact.
When we position ourselves effectively, we can communicate our essence, including our passions, skills, ambitions, and awareness of relevant needs. Additionally, we can overcome challenges and embrace growth-oriented mindsets by making informed choices. Aligning our abilities and passions with the needs of society can make a positive impact, foster connections and garner support that drives meaningful changes, turning us into change-makers.
To achieve this, we need to;
• Have a clear purpose; this will help Identify issues and areas where you need to make a difference.
• Show determination and commitment to our goals; this is critical in today's fast-paced world with endless distractions.
• Recognize the importance of education. Gain expertise, hone your skills, and be a knowledgeable and capable advocate.
• Build relationships and leverage networks by sharing resources. Use media platforms to project your values and beliefs effectively.
When you feel overwhelmed, remember that your abilities and intelligence can be developed; cultivate a growth mindset and work towards improvement.

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