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Women's Ministry Virtual Meeting

9 July 2023

Women's Ministry Virtual Meeting

Michiana, USA

I had the privilege of meeting with remarkable women, some of whom have set the pace at the highest level of corporate work, to discuss assertiveness, a valuable but often misunderstood communication skill. It was a wonderful experience sharing knowledge and picking insights from these amazing women.
Assertiveness is essential for building healthy relationships, enhancing self-esteem, and achieving personal and professional goals. However, it is often misconstrued as what constitutes assertiveness in one situation may be perceived as aggression in another.
Here are some key takeaways from my presentation on the topic, "The Power Within: Nurturing Assertiveness and Self-Worth":
• A healthy sense of self-worth is foundational for assertiveness. It involves believing in one's worthiness to communicate. When you assert yourself, you validate your thoughts, feelings, and needs.
• Nurturing assertiveness and self-worth is vital for building positive relationships, personal growth and effective communication. You can effectively share your opinions and concerns without being pushy or disrespectful towards others.
• Use assertiveness as a strategic skill for development by leveraging your strengths to make informed decisions. Improve low self-esteem by practicing self-care and self-compassion and recognizing your accomplishments. Practice positive self-talk and acknowledge that not everyone will approve of your assertiveness.
• Practice saying "no" when necessary, without feeling guilty or offering excessive justifications. Understand the importance of your needs and how they align with your values. Learn assertive communication techniques: use "I" statements, active listening, and express thoughts and needs directly.
• Learn and practice effective conflict resolution techniques to address conflicts assertively and constructively. Understand that conflict can be an opportunity for growth and resolution.
Assertive individuals communicate clearly and express themselves honestly while maintaining respect for others. It is more complex than to air your grievances, demanding your rights or telling someone off. The appropriate level of assertiveness is motivated by love for God, self, and others.
For people within Christianity, we can judge how appropriate our assertiveness is by asking ourselves, "If Jesus were standing here, would I still do or say this?"

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